Carl Zeiss Flektagon 35 2.4 on Z7

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Re: Carl Zeiss Flektagon 35 2.4 on Z7

SimonOL wrote:

steppenwolfer wrote:

Anyway, here are 3 examples, taken at infinity at f8 (photos developed from RAW with C1pro 21 with defaults and sunny WB):

... To me lens seems really sharp in center and loose sharpness about half way (~60%) from center. But all in all, I could easily use this lens for my photography, as long as no pixel peeping is involved.

Gosh that's a depressing summary! My go-to 35mm is an M42 SMC Takumar 35mm f/2, which holds up well to FF edges (not quite corners) even wide open and never flares (unlike my Canon FDn 35mm f/2, which almost never doesn't flare ). By f/8, most old 35mm lenses I've tried are pretty good to the corners.

The Flektagon is renowned for it's close-focus ability, less so for performance at infinity although it does OK.

Even if close focus IQ suffers a bit, modest IQ still beats "can't take that shot." 

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