Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

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Re: Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

Smotzer wrote:

Topi wrote:

My experience with the autofocus system of the Df isn't that bad. It locks the AF even in surprisnlgy dim conditions and is very accurate.

However, the D750 does aqcuire focus on moving objects much quicker than the Df and it also tracks them better. On the other hand, I prefer the output from the sensor of the Df.

I haven't used the D700 or the D610 but own the D750 and the Df. My brain says the D750 is the better one, my feelings prefer the Df. Both are amazingly capable cameras.


Yeah that is where I am torn. The output from the sensor on the Df to me just pops a little better than the 750, but it is clear that capabilities wise on paper the D750 is a better all around camera. Do you have any qualms of the 24mp over the 16mp? Do you feel limited by the resolution of the Df over the D750. And also what do you use each for?

And at the end of the day I know I would be happy with either of them as they are light years ahead of the DSLR's I have owned before.

If you had to sell one and only have the D750 or the Df, which would you sell and which would you keep?

Well, the 24 vs 16 Mp really isn't a big deal. Both are OK for my use. I can use either for almost all that I photograph, but the D750 is better for aqcuiring focus when I'm photographing my dog running. For e.g horses the Df is capable enough.

I don't shoot much portraits, but in my opinion the Df has the better skin tones. It is also the better one for low light, I think about one stop better at high ISOs, beyond 6400.

If I could keep only one, I'd keep the Df. it has been my only camera for quite a long timeso I'm used to it. The D750 is a relatively recent addition. I also have some pre-Ai lenses that I could not use with the D750.

The Df is also quieter than the D750, if that's important to you. But the D750 isn't as loud as a D700 or D3s, either.


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