a few questions about My Modes

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Re: a few questions about MySets

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

Hi I have a few questions about My Modes.

First up, Olympus  "My Modes" belong to the E-PL1 era and earlier compacts. From about 2012 on for a while they  had "MySets" then from 2016 on some have "Custom Modes" and some dropped the idea altogether.

When switching between My Modes [MySets on the E-M10 Mk2] assigned to dial positions, if I turn the dial when I'm in one mode to switch to the other without turning the camera off first, will that corrupt or mix the settings differences between the two modes or are the settings of each mode permanent and immutable? Going from regular Manual mode to MySet 1 involves "jumping" over Movie mode, if I do that with the camera on will that mix up my Movie mode or regular Manual mode settings with My Set settings?

Whatever assigned MySet spot you land on, that is what the camera is configured with, no mixing happens. The camera can be off or on when you do that.

Also, I use the Fn1 button for AFL lock and let's say I switch the dial position to go from one mode to another mode, will focus lock be maintained or do I have to do that again?

That you would need to test for yourself. Going to a new assigned MySet sort of resets the camera to a new starting point but the lens should be left where it was if you are not currently holding the shutter at half press (?).

I think the only thing that removes focus lock is actually turning the power off correct?

That logically sounds correct. Or another half press, if that is how you initiate focus. If the camera is set to not reset the lens to infinity, then even a power off would not upset your focus.

(Not even the camera going into sleep mode ends focus lock does it, even though the LCD is off?)

Again, no point in asking us, or theorising, simply test it for yourself. My feeble guess is that it may depend on the power off reset to infinity setting, testing it will give you the answer.

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