Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

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Re: Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

Anthony Milton wrote:

The 18-150mm lens really is an excellent all round lens. It sits on my M50 and I rarely change it. I do have the 11-22.mm and 22 mm lenses but rarely use them. If one needs zooms with better IQ, the only option, in my opinion, is to go to Canon L lenses, but they are expensive and heavy.

Here are a few snap shots of no artistic merit, to illustrate its versatility.


Border Terrier

Animal Magic

Morris Dancer

Boat at speed


Montenegro sunset



I agree. I have that lens too and have used all the Canon EF-M lenses except the 32 MM and I can honestly say that it is better than the 18-55 and 15-45 mm ( not unexpected in the case of the latter ) and is as good as the 11-22.Not quite as good as the 22 and 28mm which is to be expected but the differences are negligible. L lenses might be better but the trade off beteen weight,bulk and price vs the convenience and versatility of the 18-150,is a no brainer IMHO.

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