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OldGuy-Yuri wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:

Gee, we haven't had any trolls lately either. We need a post that is highly controversial to generate some activity.

Maybe something contentious like UV filter or no UV filter!!

LOL! filters are so... film... (only kidding...)
and when your cameras aren't ILC and you really can't be jones-in about the latest greatest BIF lens ... well, that leaves you with 'Post-P' threads (which doesn't seem to generate much here)...

that leaves you with ... Photography! Oh My!
I'm actually, mostly an M4/3 guy (equipment-wise), and have also had a SONY cybershot for some years. Sometimes the SONY is all I'll carry.
The M4/3 forum is an active place, with plenty of 'tool time', trolls and Pany vs Oly...
and some regular and active 'photo' threads (which could be more...) which are great.
I've really taken to this group, because you all are happy to show and talk photos/images/feelings. I learn, grow and get stoked from 'seeing'; and seeing what you all post up, is great! Keeps the cogs turnin...
The cybershot camera group is very diverse, it impinges on 'Landscape'/Nature, Street, Sport and all of the above, with equal potential. Going out with my little HX80 also has me excited to 'see' and capture something worth re-visualizing.
all of life is cyclical... why would Cybershot forum be any different?
keep it up... it's all good!

Even the m43 site is dying of lack of new thread as the Oly depart the scene and Pany firmly in L mount...


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