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dunnerdoitmon wrote:

I'm on a crusade to archive as much as I can before enlightened and progressive social justice warriors destroy / ban it all. I've been posting since last April but sadly, the plague's curtailed my ambitions somewhat.

I live here in the States, and I can relate with your sentiments about the progressive social justice warriors. For that reason, since last Election Day November 3rd, I’m refraining from posting any political images on Flickr.

Though I doubt Flickr has any sophisticated algorithms, viewers can still report specific images to Flickr they find offensive, I believe. I do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention on Flickr that could get me banned if the day comes Flickr ever gets as aggressive as social media has become.

And I will leave it at that before this thread goes off-topic and gets closed.

Also, I do not understand why so many people stumble over the cost of Flickr Pro membership. I know a lot of people who spend a lot more than $59.95USD per year on their morning coffee!

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