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Re: Tell me about the XF10

I bought a Fuji XF10 a few months ago.

I had already watched/read all the reviews and therefore tempered my expectations.

General camera operation is on the slow side (buffer, general menu navigation although this hardly matters after the first couple of uses.) Autofocus is definitely on the slow side. You'll quite often hear the lens whirring and moving before locking on in single AF. No IS. These are the main drawbacks.

There are positives though. Customizable enough with a dial on the lens, front dial, function button, easy access to 'quick menu'. Build quality is great- doesn't feel as premium as the alloy magnesium shells on the higher end camera bodies but feels more than sturdy enough. Size - really fits in your pocket just like those tiny point and shoots that use to be so popular. Priced really well. Touchscreen. All up, fun.

The biggest positive by far is the image quality. It really feels like you've got access to a pancake + mirrorless in your pocket. You will get the same type of IQ as you might using a mirrorless and a small pancake in a very tiny profile.

Whether it is the perfect pocket camera really depends on your use case and expectations. While the IQ is very good, general camera operation and AF is slower than what you're probably used too. Personally the pros outweigh the cons on this camera for me. Sure I wouldn't want slow camera operation/slow AF on my main camera but for a budget friendly, little camera that can be stowed everywhere with great IQ, it's really not a big deal. At the end of the day it's a small, fun little camera that takes great pics in good light, crummy pics in bad light, that you can take everywhere with you.

Sample pic. Missed the focus on the face, only got the eyes. Quality is good, something I might expect using my Olympus and pancake lens. Straight out of camera jpg.

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