Table of APS, C mount, and projection lenses covering FF online

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Re: Table of APS, C mount, and projection lenses covering FF online

kathala wrote:

Really? It so cured me!

Have a look at the 35/.95 7artisans in case that is anywhere near your interest area. It sounded soooo great (and looked it, as well) - until I tried it in the real world. Field curvature destroys any separation effect. With other lenses, it's vignette or dismal edge sharpness.

My takeaway with that table is: if the lens is sold as APS-only, there's always a reason for that...

Sometimes the reason is simply that the manufacturer didn't make a FF body when the lens was sold.

I currently have 5 APSC bodies, 2 MFT bodies & only 1 FF, so using crop lenses on my FF kit is quite common.

This listing certainly shows a few that I might have been tempted to try & now know it's not worth while, but there are also a few that cover FF when I wouldn't have expected it.

The comments also highlighted a way to improve coverage on one of the lenses I have used on my A7ii.

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