DXO Deep PRIME ..ISO 1600 and 3200..on a pinhead sensor (1/2.3")

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DXO Deep PRIME ..ISO 1600 and 3200..on a pinhead sensor (1/2.3")

Tried out DXO Deep Prime on my P950 (24 to 2000mm reach on a 1/2.3" sensor

I (think) this sensor is over 30x smaller than Full Frame.

In good light details are impressive...but as light gets dimmer, then I.Q. goes south fast.

Typically over ISO 400 and I.Q. suffers.

Here's ISO 1600:

I would not use this high ISO...but now I can. (f6.3 is widest aperture at this zoom reach (1600mm)

Here's one at ISO 3200. Not an option for most folk ...but wanted to see what a base ISO , good light camera can do when lights dims and higher ISO is needed:

Here's same image SOOC jpeg:

NR smearing takes all details away. No surprise with a small sensor ( 1" is 4 x larger than this size)

Thanks to Digital Nigel for steering me towards DXO


Stay healthy


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