Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

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Re: Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

anotherMike wrote:

Something to consider if you think AF performance is important to you:

The D700 and D750 use a decent AF system. The D610 and DF use IMO the worst AF system Nikon has ever made. I couldn't get the D600 series cameras to reliably focus in bright studio modelling lights in AF-S, never mind AF-C, something the 51 pt AF systems never struggled with. The DF equally unimpressed me in the same manner. Note that I've owned or used about every Nikon digital since the D100, so I'm not just typing those words from lack of experience. Buyer beware on the 39pt AF system cameras unless you just don't have anything but the most basic, easy-as-pie AF requirements, and it sounds like you might not, so....

You know I had read that the 39pt AF system on the D6xx and Df was not up to peoples standards. In reality its not 100% a deal breaker. I have ruled out the D6xx's it is really down to the Df and the 750 at this point.

The reason that I am not too concerned about the AF system is that I have tendency to shoot manual focus more often than not, I think it just may be my film habits. I Shot with SLR's that had, by today's standards,  bad autofocus, or none at all. But I guess that doesn't mean i have to any more....But even the 39pt AF is probably better than anything I have used before in a camera, so there's that.

Of this group, the D750 will have the best low light performance and the best AF system, so that would be my choice. And you can get D750's at a fair price now because of the mirrorless push and the D780 existing. I wouldn't touch a D600 or D610 myself. The DF has it's fans, but I'm not one of them (AF system and ergonomics are strong turnoffs), and the D700 was sure nice in the day, but I need a lot more than 12mp for what I do, and the newer bodies have much better dynamic range and are better at high ISO too. But it's worth looking at for your needs if the 12mp isn't a deal breaker for you.


Do you think the D750 has better low light image quality than the Df? I get that it probably, with AF, performs better in low light, (like with AF down to -3EV), but thinking analytically the 16.2mp sensor from the D4 with larger pixel size, should on paper probably produce 'better/cleaner' images that the D750 24mp sensor in low light high ISO.

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