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It's still going strong.

I use Flickr mainly as a source of information, particularly in relation to things and places I like, such as churches, heritage railways, monuments and traditional buildings and pursuits. I'm on a crusade to archive as much as I can before enlightened and progressive social justice warriors destroy / ban it all. I've been posting since last April but sadly, the plague's curtailed my ambitions somewhat.

A couple of things I've noticed. Firstly, Flickr allows you to accompany each photo with a comment and link to further information, which people with similar interests tend to offer.

Secondly, it allows you to display exif data which summarises camera and lens make and model, plus it allows you zoom into a picture to see detail. I find this is vital when looking at a stained glass window for example.

This leads me on to my main point. In the 10 months or so I've been using Flickr, I've noticed a definite difference in sharpness between cameras (brands and models) and types (DSLR's vs mirrorless). Now this is very interesting, to me at least and I would certainly recommend anyone wishing to buy a camera or to 'switching systems', to spend some time looking at Flickr if they regard sharpness or crispness to detail as important. Of course, not everyone is looking at detail and there's more to it than sharpness, but for me I can see some brands and models consistently produce more blurry images than others when zoomed in. Try Flickr, zoom in and see.

Finally, if you have a paid PRO account you have access to a facility called 'Stats' where you can see how people find your picture. I don't get many 'views' as relatively few people are interested in goats or Morris dancing. The best I ever got were for a pannier tank steam locomotive and a derelict railway bridge. However, I did learn how to get more 'views' when I posted a picture of a bantam cock called Cock-a-Doodle George. To my astonishment, I thought aviary and fowl keeping had suddenly become very popular but then I realised when looking at the 'Stats' what some people were using Flickr to search for.

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