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Re: a few questions about My Modes

Denjw wrote:

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

Hi I have a few questions about My Modes.

Which camera? Answers below based on E-M1X.

When switching between My Modes assigned to dial positions, if I turn the dial when I'm in one mode to switch to the other without turning the camera off first, will that corrupt or mix the settings differences between the two modes or are the settings of each mode permanent and immutable?

No but there maybe a short delay before the change of mode takes effect if the camera is still buffering/writing to card.

Going from regular Manual mode to MySet 1 involves "jumping" over Movie mode, if I do that with the camera on will that mix up my Movie mode or regular Manual mode settings with My Set settings?


Also, I use the Fn1 button for AFL lock and let's say I switch the dial position to go from one mode to another mode, will focus lock be maintained or do I have to do that again? I think the only thing that removes focus lock is actually turning the power off correct? (Not even the camera going into sleep mode ends focus lock does it, even though the LCD is off?)

As long as your Fn settings are the same in each mode it should be still be maintained. It does with AF limiter.

Why not just try it yourself?

I assign my Custom Modes to other buttons so I can switch with a button push and not have to turn the dial. But I am not sure which camera you are using so assigning modes to buttons may not be available.

Thanks it's for the EM10Mk2.  I did try it- by accident!  I was shooting a long timelapse sequence and accidentally turned the mode dial when I was trying to turn the other dial.  I didn't notice anything different but I wasn't too sure since it's hard for me to tell if focus lock is being maintained when it's dark outside.

I can assign modes to buttons, but all my buttons are used up with functions.

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