Panasonic shift from MFT to Full Frame as it happens

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Panasonic shift from MFT to Full Frame as it happens

Yesterday I decided to buy a Panasonic S5 there is a £400 trade in bonus at present until end of March. Panasonic always runs promotion in the first quarter last year there was one as well but they moved from cash-back to trade in bonus this year.

I then had a look on the L-Mount pages and there is a full line up and roadmap

Interesting to see a line up of Lumix S primes f/1.8 that are positioned at £599 looking at the first 85mm 1.8 released. This lens seems to be designed for video has no focus breathing but is not excessively fast to make it super expensive. Sigma is already on the market with their original lenses also adapted for L-Mount but has new contemporary lenses f/2 for mirrorless.

Panasonic is targeting video creators definitely still images are not where they think they will make money. So the S1R may have been an interesting camera but the money has to come from the S1H and the S5. Coming to the S5 it has a substandard EVF (same resolution of Olympus MFT by the way) and only 1 fast sd card slot however it has ProRes RAW support and lots of video features. Comes at £1,899 with the 20-60mm kit lens and this is good enough for v-log or table top photography.

This is a camerasize comparison of the S5, GH5 and E1MKII with their kit lenses the comparison is not exact as the S5 lens is 10-30 in MFT terms but size gives an idea of the presentation a consumer gets from those units

Even more interesting is to compare the new Lumix 85mm 1.8 with the Nocticron and Olympus Pro 1.2 45mm

No matter how good those pro primes / leica lenses are 1.8 is 0.9 in MFT and the size is same with weight actually less for the lens.

When you look at tele obviously things start to change

When I look at my use of the camera I see that full frame will not offer much for wildlife shooting and underwater photography which is my predominant use of the camera

However I do see that the Lumix S primes 1.8 will be the way to achieve better performance for landscapes, night photography, wide field astrophotography, portraits, street photography. The cost of 12,15,25,42.5 leica branded primes is £3,200. The Lumix S are likely to cost less around £2,400.

When I look at Olympus pro £3,300 for 3 lenses vs £1,800 of Lumix S or Sigma f/2 Contemporary

Panasonic had committed to 42 lenses by end of 2020 Covid-19 has delayed the plans but for sure they will come back. There are no lens announced for Lumix G and other than the GH6 no camera announced.

I struggle to believe Olympus did not offer Panasonic the option to take the camera business as Panasonic is not in medical device and would then no longer be a competitor. So all I can think is that Panasonic declined as they are fully focussed on full frame.

Panasonic has a full stack of lenses and will only announce specific cameras for video creators. Will they produce new GX series or a successor to the G9? I doubt it very much. Those cameras are fine and can continue to sell with zero investment with perhaps just firmware updates. If products are released it will be a refresh not a revolution.

I am fully invested in MFT so that does not mean I am panicking however the S5 with their cost effective 1.8 primes together with sigma means I do no need to chase light with bulky 1.2/1.4 primes. And definitely am not buying the Summilux 10-25mm that costs me as much as the S5 with a kit lens.

It is obvious that the exit of Olympus leave the format with a new venture OMDS with a difficult start and Panasonic that is focussed elsewhere MFT will have a hard time to continue development at pace as funds are required and nobody is putting any money in.

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