How did you find your style?

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Re: How did you find your style?

JustUs7 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Try forgetting presets - which are just someone else's ideas - and start to develop your own taste.

Maybe for someone artistic with some understanding of color, that works.

Possibly; but that's not me. I'm not artistic and most of my understanding of colour comes from reading about it after learning photo editing (which is what stimulated my intertest).

As someone who enjoys photography and the outcome and just wants it to look close to what I remember, to have to mangle through the myriad of available colors to come up with something uniquely “me”?

This is back to front. Anything you do without understanding what's going on is uniquely you because no one else can replicate it.

No way. Give me a one click preset prepared by someone that knows a lot more than I do all day.

Personally, I’ve taken to Canon’s “Standard” picture style and AWB-White Priority. It seems to work well with my families skin tones without being too red (Portrait) or yellow (AWB-Ambient Priority). To move hue, saturation, or luminosity- I’d just goof up the colors.

Each of those things is easy to learn but they do need learning. You cut out my paragraph that says "However you want your images to look it takes time to learn how to process them, just as any technique takes time to learn. There are lots of tutorials and videos available …"

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