Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

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Re: Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

anotherMike wrote:

Something to consider if you think AF performance is important to you:

The D700 and D750 use a decent AF system. The D610 and DF use IMO the worst AF system Nikon has ever made. I couldn't get the D600 series cameras to reliably focus in bright studio modelling lights in AF-S, never mind AF-C, something the 51 pt AF systems never struggled with. The DF equally unimpressed me in the same manner. Note that I've owned or used about every Nikon digital since the D100, so I'm not just typing those words from lack of experience. Buyer beware on the 39pt AF system cameras unless you just don't have anything but the most basic, easy-as-pie AF requirements, and it sounds like you might not, so....

My experience with the autofocus system of the Df isn't that bad. It locks the AF even in surprisnlgy dim conditions and is very accurate.

However, the D750 does aqcuire focus on moving objects much quicker than the Df and it also tracks them better. On the other hand, I prefer the output from the sensor of the Df.

I haven't used the D700 or the D610 but own the D750 and the Df. My brain says the D750 is the better one, my feelings prefer the Df. Both are amazingly capable cameras.


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