Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

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Re: Precision Camera Disappoints Another User

I've purchased $1000 lenses that arrived in a bubble envelope with no interior padding. As long as there's no damage, I don't worry. I ship $1000 - $2000 lenses when I sell them and have never allowed for 6" additional for padding, and never had a problem. To do so would almost double the dimensional size and cost double to ship. Then customer's would complain about the shipping charges. As for companies, you are correct, they don't want to have anything to do with distribution and/or repair - that's why they have repair centers.

As to lodging a complaint, I own and run a few companies/businesses and if someone called and said, "I received a shipment from you that didn't have as much padding as I would like." Someone would ask, "was there a problem or damage with the shipment?". If the caller said "no". We would say - "great enjoy your X." That would be that. No loss, no problem. Sony doesn't care (and I don't think they should) if Precision Camera ships something to a client that gets shattered. That's an issue between the shipper, shipping merchant and the customer. Glad your lens was fine.

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