G9 will not hold MF focus in Av mode with screen off, help?

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Re: G9 will not hold MF focus in Av mode with screen off, help?

Turning the screen off with CHDK  set_lcd_display(0) will almost certainly work, but likely won't save as much power. The native "display off" mode turns of the sensor between shots, while the CHDK function just turns off the LCD panel and backlight, leaving all the sensor and other display hardware running. Running the live view continuously accounts for a significant fraction of the power draw.

You can also make these cameras turn the display off by making them think a TV out adapter is connected (a toothpick in the video out port for cameras of this era), but again this has relatively little power saving benefit.

It's possible that using CHDK set_mf(1) after the display has been turned off will work. From a quick test, it appeared to work for me on A540.

It has been observed that MF mode actually uses more power on some of these cameras, so an alternative would be to use CHDK subject distance override (script set_focus before shooting) to set the focus instead. However, in this case the camera will still do an AF scan every shot, which could slow down shooting, especially in low light.

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