Leica CL Autofocus With Various Lenses

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Re: Leica CL Autofocus With Various Lenses

I've got limited experience about the CL AF in particular, but I assume it's very similar if not identical to that of the T and TL2. To me the AF in these cameras appears to be quite typical CDAF. Think of a 'traditional' AF. Not particularly good or bad, but it works, and seems to work in quite a predictable manner. Which is fine in most situations, until the AF starts to struggle in low enough light. After which focusing on moving targets in particular is probably a bit too challenging.

As for shooting moving targets, I think that's up to you, really. The contrast detection AF does focus on moving targets, too, but with its obvious limitations, compared to a typical PDAF system.  But it is still usable.
So you just need to be a bit more careful and you may have to shoot in a somewhat slower pace to optimise your hit rate. Anticipating subject movement will also help, just like when shooting with MF.

I for one have shot moving targets like martial arts athletes and some animals even in relatively dim light, and the hit rate has been surprisingly good when using primes. I haven't tried targets like birds in flight, though. Which would likely be more frustrating.

Given that the CDAF needs more light to work well, the best hit rate is typically achieved with faster prime lenses. Which my experience would confirm. Focusing with the 18-56mm kit zoom is fine in good light, but in dimmer light the primes do a better and faster job.

As for the third party L-mount lenses, I've only tried the Sigma 45mm so far, and it appears to focus more or less as fast as, say, the 18mm pancake, both being F2.8 lenses. I think the Summicron may be ever so slightly faster, but the shooting experience is more or less the same.

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