X-E4 will have no IBIS.. so what!

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The right compromise or a slip-up, depends on...

No doubt IBIS is a major feature. The battery argument is invalid; just turn it off and you have a non-IBIS camera. They proved with X-S10 that they can make it small enough as well.

However, the X-E4 can still be a very attractive camera without IBIS, and not including it can make sense. But only if the price and other features make it attractive without IBIS:

It needs to be robust like my X-E1 (dropped several times, including a bouncing journey down 4 meters of ~70 degrees sloped rock) and WR.

It needs to get the built-in flash back, it needs that tilting screen, it needs a fast and sharp (but not necessarily big) EVF, but most importantly it needs an affordable entry price point, no higher than the X-S10.

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