Flip-down screen: why on earth?

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Re: Flip-down screen: why on earth?

SteveY80 wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

An amusingly controversial topic. My take:

Fixed screens are very 2005, with severe limitations on cameras with no viewfinder. They are slimmer, though.

Flippy screens are faster to use than FAS, stay centered with the camera and for landscape orientation, are better for lacetop shooting, shooting people from chest height (like a TLR, which allows better interaction with the subject), and held overhead.

To me the two biggest advantages of tilt vs FAS are the ergonomics when holding the camera lower than chest height and the accessibility of touch screen functionality.

I've never found any way of comfortably and securely holding a FAS camera low down - how am I meant to get my hand past the flipped out screen to grip the lens? In theory my G9 has better IBIS than my GX9, but I find that I can often use slower shutter speeds with the GX9 thanks to the screen not getting in the way.

With a tilt screen I can quickly change the focus point location by stretching over my thumb and tapping the screen. A screen on the side of the camera is well out of reach, and taking one hand off the controls/lens makes it slow and awkward to use.

For me the tilt screen advantages easily outweigh any additional versatility that the FAS offers. I wish more camera manufacturers would either offer a choice, or implement a hybrid design that offers the best of both worlds.

I think it's because for photographers, tilt screen is preferred over FAS.

But for video, FAS is a must. No FAS means they will buy a different camera, ignoring everything else.

So if you don't want to make 2 models of everything, for sales it's better to just make FAS and make some photographers grumble, instead of pointing videographers to competitors.

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