What will happen to your photos after you pass?

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Val Bueno
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"...bury them in the sand and in a thousand years,

..they will be priceless." Belloque, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Like all collections, someday if they are preserved they will be priceless.  But at the moment they are worthless.

I build plastic models as a primary hobby.  I got into photography because I was trying to photograph my models.  I have a HUGE stash of built and unbuilt models.  I have a lot of fellow modellers who also have large collections of kits, books, parts etc. for their modelling hobby.  After they pass on, all the survivors have no idea what to do with the collections.  Some throw them out, some ask for help from the deceased modeller's friends (aka model vultures). Either way it is a burden to the survivor.

I am slowly giving my stash of models, books and kits to a local hobby shop to sell off.  I don't ask for the money back as he needs it to survive the economic downturn.  He helps me by getting rid of my stuff.  I got my money's worth by enjoying the purchase and build of the model.

Photos, gear and so on like models is worthless to the survivors.  It's a burden.  They don't care what you shot, how hard it was to get that shot or how good is that shot.  All they know is that they have to get rid of it.  I got my money's worth when I was using it and enjoying the results.

I will direct my survivors to throw it all out if I don't throw it all out before they get to it.  I don't want to be a burden to others when I disappear.

Or I could put everything into a vacuum sealed vessel, and bury it the sand for a thousand years and who ever finds it can enjoy looking at photos of poorly built plastic models.



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