Macro lens?

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Re: Macro lens?

Reproduction ratio as a measure of how close you can get is irrational. For a full plate camera 1:1 will fill the frame with an object about 200mm across. For a smart phone 1:1 will fill the frame with a 7mm object.

For APS-C 1:2 is close to 1:1 on full frame.

Is the 80mm a true macro? Honestly you need to frame your question better to find out about that or any lens. No one has a definition of true macro and the 1:1 so beloved of people on here, who presumably don't do much close up photography or haven't reflected a lot on it, came about when 135 film (36x24mm) was hugely more common than any other frame size so at least then it had some utility as a widely applicable measure of how close.

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