Need some advice. Please share your Lightroom Classic with Luminar Ai Workflow

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Need some advice. Please share your Lightroom Classic with Luminar Ai Workflow

So very short background.  Just jumped from the Canon t4i up to the far superior 90D.  I want to learn more and get better at photography, editing, etc.    I'm not going to be a professional by trade but would love to learn how to do much of what the pros do.

I've watched dozens & dozens of hours on youtube regarding Lightroom editing, Luminar Ai.  I've read quite a few tutorials as well.  I'm experienced using software as a former programmer so coming up to speed on the new camera functions and general use of Lightroom/Luminar has not been too difficult.  Still more to learn there though.

What I am not very good at though is organization and workflow.  It is my Achilles heel.  I'm hoping some of you more experienced photographers and editors can share how you handle your organizational workflow.

Mainly, I want to know some best practices being used in 2021 if you utilize just Lightroom CC and also Lightroom along with Luminar Ai specifically.

For example, once the card comes out of the camera are you importing into lightroom directly and also adding folders to the native Luminar Catalog?  Are you using Luminar Plugin with Lightroom exclusively and completely ignoring the Luminar Catalog?  Trying that I realized you get TIFF files which are 100MB plus when exporting via plugin from RAW.  This seems like it could be a storage nightmare (25MB for RAW plus another 100MB+ for every TIFF edited via plugin).  I know you can export as jpg but you lose the bit depth. The advantage is you can export with the Lightroom changes into Luminar.

Also was just doing more reading on this last night and noticed smart filters in photoshop may help preserve the edits you make in Luminar so you can go back and change those later if needed but seems Lightroom once you bring it back from Luminar those edits are committed into the imported file.  Is this correct?

Also curious about what organizational folder structure do you use.  High-level folder by date then subfolders with RAW and EXPORTED or something?  I know many have various methods and preferences so it is sort of whatever works for you but I would like to not reinvent the wheel and later realize there was a much better way to do all this AFTER I shoot 50,000 photos and have them all stored, cataloged and edited in some clunky way.

Thanks for any insights on how you best deal with YOUR workflow and organizational process.

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