Jack of all trades versatile zoom

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Jack of all trades versatile zoom

The 16-80mm zoom range covers a lot of use cases and it offers perfectly usable image quality throughout this range. This means I end up using a lot, if I just want to take one lens out with me and Im not trying to minimise weight/size this is the one.

On my XT-30 it’s a lot more comfortable when I have a handgrip fitted to the camera, it’s a unbalanced without. With the handgrip, it pairs very well.

F4 at 80 mm gives some surprisingly nice bokeh. The image stabilisation seems to work very well. Focus is fast and reliable in most conditions. The build feels rock solid.

Image quality from a versatile zoom like this is never going to rival a bag full of primes, but I’d say it’s well towards the good side of acceptable. I’ve taken plenty of excellent images with it. I have had a couple of occasions where I’ve found an unexpected lack of sharpness with nearer objects when shooting busy subjects with a slower aperture in lower light conditions, but this is could be down to user error.

Although I don’t think of it as one of my favourite lenses, the amount of use it gets suggests otherwise. It’s got no serious vices when shooting stills and between the entirely adequate image quality, image stabilisation and wide zoom range it is something of a do-everything lens, even if it may not be a star performer in any one particular area.

Fujifilm XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR
Zoom lens • Fujifilm X
Announced: Jul 18, 2019
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