How did you find your style?

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Re: How did you find your style?

Birdstheword wrote:

Hi all,

What a steps did you take to find your own personal style?

What do you mean by style? I have always taken it to mean the way one takes photographs - the subjects, locations, framing, composition etc. I didn't take any conscious steps to find my own style; rather, after a period of time in photography I looked at what I'd done and recognised the style I'd been using.

Do you use presets? Or did you just edit your life away for 500 hours until you found what you liked?

You seem to be thinking about the look of the final image after taking into account the things I mentioned above. I started photography in black and white (colour film was available but far too expensive) and I still like B&W for some types of picture. But generally I want my photos to look natural, so the idea of using someone else's ideas in a preset is foreign to me.

However you want your images to look it takes time to learn how to process them, just as any technique takes time to learn. There are lots of tutorials and videos available but it's besat to target ones that deal specifically with a problem you encounter.

At what point did you decide “this is it!”?

Never, in absolute terms. There's always something new to learn. Adobe Camera Raw (which is functionally identical to Lightroom) is now on its 13th major version. Each has introduced changes to the way of working - some major, most minor - so the learning is never-ending.

I have always been drawn to photography but I have just recently started to pursue it as more than just a hobby. I currently use some presets, but I am feeling like it isn’t quite “me”. I’m new to editing in Lightroom as well.

Try forgetting presets - which are just someone else's ideas - and start to develop your own taste.

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