what is the diffraction limit of the Leica 25mm f / 1.4?

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Re: what is the diffraction limit of the Leica 25mm f / 1.4?

El Jeffe wrote:

Possessing a 4th grade math level I can not understand or answer your question, but generally, by what I read, f/5.6 seems to be the sweet spot for m4/3 prime lenses.

I am curious why you ask this question. Are you looking for a good landscape lens?

Consider m4/3 has an advantage over larger sensors for increased depth of field. So f/5.6 might for instance perform similar to f/11 on a full frame in that regard.

You don't even have to understand maths at all to work it out Take some shots starting at say f/5.6, stopping down a ful stop at a time & taking some more, until you're not happy with the sharpness. That's the acid test. What you personally are happy/not happy with. Who cares what a maths formula says. And I write that as someone who has a pretty decent grasp on the whole maths thing.

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