G9 will not hold MF focus in Av mode with screen off, help?

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Re: G9 will not hold MF focus in Av mode with screen off, help?

Boris Starosta wrote:

Hi there,

I'm using a PowerShot G9 for time-lapse imaging. To save power, I turn the screen off when the cameras are capturing a sequence (I get run times of about 2 hours, shooting a frame every two seconds). When shooting in manual (M) mode, I can set a manual focus, and it stays put.

How are your recording timelapse? From the manual, I think the native timelapse feature only works in movie mode, so CHDK?

If it's CHDK, what script, and is the script turning of the screen and setting MF mode, or are setting those manually before running the script?

And just to be sure, you're talking about the 2007 era G9, not a G9 X model, right?

I have an A540 which is similar era, and it does not keep manual focus when the display is turned off, no matter what the shooting mode. I think this is an intentional "feature" in the Canon firmware, to keep people from accidentally leaving MF on while shooting with the viewfinder.

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