what is the diffraction limit of the Leica 25mm f / 1.4?

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There is no diffraction limit for that lens or any other.

Alexander555 wrote:


Can you please tell me what is the diffraction limit of the Leica 25mm f / 1.4?

Diffraction exists right from wide open and only gets more severe as you stop down. Lens aberrations exist right from wide open and lessen as you stop down. The aperture at which increasing diffraction softening overtakes lessening lens aberrations is often referred to as "the diffraction limited aperture". This is typically (but not always) 1-2 stops down from wide open in the center, and 2-3 stops down in the corners.

However, portions of the photo that are not within the DOF are not going to be sharp regardless, so, depending on the scene, apertures well past the diffraction limited aperture may result in an overall sharper photo.

Conversely, apertures wider than the diffraction limited aperture will be less noisy for a given exposure time, and the lower noisiness (along with the concomitant more shallow DOF) may be more important than the lower sharpness.

So, in the end, there is no diffraction limit. There is a diffraction limited aperture where the lens is at it's sharpest for the portions of the scene within the DOF, and that's f/4 for both the center and edges for the Leica 25 / 1.4:

Courtesy Lenstip

Thank you!

Hope this answers your question!

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