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Re: Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

highdesertmesa wrote:

brick33308 wrote:

I'm glad you're enjoying it. But let's be real, how many people laying out that price are going to say "I hate it"?

Also can you elaborate exactly what you mean by tonality and how it differs from that of your Q2?

Better tonality is having smoother transitions between different values (value = a point in the scale from black to white) – basically more shades of gray between dark and light. It gives images made with the Leica Monochrom an almost surreal look where you can have normal contrast but cinematic tonal transitions that span the full Zone System with grace and finesse.

And whomever above was saying there wasn't much sharpness difference between the Q2 and Q2M – I don't agree – at all. The Q2M is noticeably sharper than my GFX 50R with the best GF primes (45/110). On the GFX I can punch in to 200% and the image still looks good, but with a properly-steadied Q2M shot I can hit 300% and it doesn't start looking pixelated/digital until 400% zoom. If someone isn't getting that kind of performance, then a few things may be going on – 1) eyesight issues (don't laugh, lots of people have never had their eyes checked and don't know for sure they can see 20/20), 2) they are not using ISO 100 (ISO 200 is the default, and Leica says it's the Base ISO for the Q2M, but it is NOT – Photos to Photos charts confirm this) and/or 3) they are not stabilizing the camera well enough. The Q2M can look sharp at 100% when hand holding, but it takes ISO 100 and a tripod (or 1/250-500 sec. or higher shutter speed) to get what it's truly capable of. Just fiddle-farting around with the Q2 versus Q2M hand held at 1/50–1/125 sec. in a camera shop will not show you what is achievable with the Mono.

If you have literally ANY digital camera, you can take it with you and "dual-wield" with the Q2M. Using an X100V would be the perfect companion to the Q2M for when you need color. I use the Q-P alongside the Q2M, but the X100V is a much more reasonable choice, mainly due to its smaller size. The compact Ricoh GR III for a color companion might even be better.

Your description of tonality is a good one, but in order to truly appreciate it, one has to see it with his/her own eyes.

I also agree that the sharpness of the Q2M is significantly greater than that of the Q2.  It isn't even close.  I hate over-sharpened images, but that is not what you see with the Monochrom.  The sharpness is natural and lifelike, and seeing it in a good print or on a monitor can be breathtaking.

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