Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

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Re: Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

TheBMill wrote:

For what its worth:

Getting a used 35mm zeiss 2.8 is a pretty great combo with this camera. I got that and kept the kit zoom and my wife seems pretty happy with it. The zeiss 2.8 is for portrait low light stuff or things that need a little "zeiss magic" and the zoom lens is more the swiss-army-knife option.

Honestly, if it weren't for the min focusing distance on that tiny zeiss lens it probably would be my favorite 35mm.

Yeah - I looked at that 35mm f2.8 for a while as a compact setup instead of perhaps getting the kit lens with it.

Overall, I just couldn't justify the price. I live in Canada, and the used lens market isn't as robust as some other markets as well.

For just slightly less, you can get the 35mm f1.8, and I figured (and it turns out to be correct) that having a lens which is good at macro ends up making your setup incredibly more versatile.

Of course, if I were starting over again, this new 35mm f1.4 might have been interesting as well and would have made the list, but not going to make any changes for at least a little while.

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