Fujifilm X100V / Lensbaby converter/adapter?

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Re: Fujifilm X100V / Lensbaby converter/adapter?

PhotoKBKLYN wrote:

Hi All,

I purchased a Lensbaby Sol 45 for my Canon EOS DSLR and would like to use it with my new Fujifilm x100v. I got a Canon -Fujifilm X adapter, but it seems it will only work with X-series with interchangeable lenses.

The x100v has a fixed lens, but accepts filters. Is this even a possibility? Even if I had a fuji-x mount lensbaby lens?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, thats never going to work. The X100 series is a fixed lens camera. The only way to use the Canon 2 Fuji adapter is a with an interchangeable lens camera.

The XE series of Fuji cameras have a similar form factor to the X100 series, but are interchangeable lens cameras. Maybe you really wanted one of those?

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