Clearing storm, into twilight...

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Clearing storm, into twilight...

Hi everyone, yesterday as we headed towards sunset a line of thunderstorms moved around us. With the rain still heavy, the sky to the west showed promise it might clear as sunset arrived. So I grabbed the Em1ii and my tripod and headed down to the lake shore.

I waited in the car as the rain fell and could see that a gap in the clouds would allow sunset to happen. A few other photographers had the same idea and we waited for the heavy rain to pass and soon we were out trying to catch the light.

Its funny how G.A.S finds you everywhere, one photographer armed with what looked like a full frame Nikon and a very nice 16-35mm remarked on how I had the right camera for the setting. Funny as I was thinking that about her setup  anyway we were soon lost in our own attempts to make an image out of what was before us.

I grabbed the Em1ii because I wanted to try the Cokin filters I brought a few weeks ago. Well they work but certainly leave a colour cast when combined. In my case a grad and a three stop ND, thats not so neutral.

On to some photos...

First of the day as the rain was still falling gently.

One of the other photographers walking through.

This time of year the sunsets south of the jetty so these boats make for some foreground interest.

The storm was clearing to the north and the sky was catching the setting sun.

And my filter stacking bring in a colour cast in these two.

This next one looked like a Martian landscape, so in true cheap filter long exposure style a B/W conversion was on the cards 

The storm was raining lighting down to the north and I had plenty of attempts of catching it with only a few strikes, this one the best.

The sun was well and truly set by now and as the last remaining photographer headed back to her car, I mentioned that the best part of the day was still to come.  I turned back to focus on the jetty and waited for the lights to come on.

It was now around 30 minutes after sunset and I am always surprised other photographers pack up early and miss some of the best light.

A last one of the storm banging away in the night sky...

And there was still light to the west fifty odd minutes after sunset...

So a fun afternoon after weeks of flat light and cloud cover, it was great to be out and about with camera. I felt a little rusty and not sure I made the best of it but is was enjoyable to be out in nature without a care in the world for a few minutes.


Flat view
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