New lens for D7500 (or get D780)

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Re: New lens for D7500 (or get D780)

Brian wrote:

I own a D7500 with 16-80mm f2.8-4 and these 1.8 primes, 35, 50 and 85. By far what I shoot most is BMX racing, which my son participates in. (Photo’s can be seen at: Being winter here, we are racing inside which as you can imagine is tough to shoot, without flash help. I do have a speedlight and have used it and will continue to at times, but rather not use one.

I would love to go full frame, specifically the D780. (The D750 is not a consideration as the changes to the D780 fall right in my wheelhouse.). What keeps me from just getting the D780 is financial (wife). I really like the results full-frame renders. I also crop almost all my photos, as I leave myself some room for correction, straightening, etc. I do realize that full-frame weighs more, bodies and lenses.

I have been looking at getting a new lens; I was greatly intrigued by the Signma 18-35mm 1.8 ART, it looks like I could get full-frame type results with this lens. My issue is, I never use my 35mm prime, I use my 50mm by far the most, when using the primes, it has the best range for the situation. In fact, when I used my previous camera, D5100, I used the 50mm 99.9% of the time, including outside, I didn’t like the 18-105 zoom I have. The 85mm I pull out when outside and want some great bokeh photos, but use my 16-80mm 99% outside as the zoom is preferred and the 85mm can be a little slow. I tried the 85mm inside this weekend and it did okay, but I had to be on top of my game as it doesn’t focus as fast as my other lenses.

Another lens I am looking at for the D7500 is the Sigma 50mm ART, curious if I can get the full-frame results reported by the Sigma 18-35?

Am I just fooling myself with the D7500 and should just wait until I can afford the D780? A friend has a D750 and took a few photos at an outdoor race and I like how they are rendered.

Hi Brian,

I'll second the suggestion you give the AF-P 70-300 VR a twirl.

Potential for less cropping/post processing?

Very speedy usage that I suspect will surprise you as will its lack of heft.

Best of all it won't put you too offside with your minister of finance the way a new body and then of course new lenses to go with it, given you are already cropping which might suggest losing a third of your current primes focal lengths might cause consternation and "her indoors" unwanted negative attention.

Just my first thought.

Good luck with the conundrum

Sorry I just spotted that you've already decided its not for you.

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