What will happen to your photos after you pass?

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Re: What will happen to your photos after you pass?

Intrinsicate wrote:

I think this generation of photographs will be surprisingly ephemeral. Our grandparents may have left us prints in a shoe-box, but at least we had a tangible product to deal with, and a decision to make about preserving or destroying them. Today, very few images get printed and the unprinted ones will be lost, as soon as website subscriptions lapse, computers fail, or media become obsolete. In no time, SD memory cards will be as quaint and inaccessible as 8-tracks and cassette tapes are to us.

While this is true, there's a big difference.  Because it's so easy, and costless, to shoot photos these days, people shoot many, many, times the number, most of which duplicate others.

Back in the day, so to speak, photos were more carefully set up (staged) and more carefully taken.  You can't compare now with then.

One thing I plan to do this spring is a photobook for my one child of her through the years.   That I'm sure she'll appreciate and save.

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