What will happen to your photos after you pass?

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Re: What will happen to your photos after you pass?

I think this generation of photographs will be surprisingly ephemeral.     Our grandparents may have left us prints in a shoe-box, but at least we had a tangible product to deal with, and a decision to make about preserving or destroying them.    Today,  very few images get printed and the unprinted ones will be lost, as soon as website subscriptions lapse, computers fail, or media become obsolete.     In no time, SD memory cards will be as quaint and inaccessible as 8-tracks and cassette tapes are to us.

The walls of my house are hung with16x24 metal prints of my favourite images, and each one has a name on the back of one of my children or grandchildren.    Metal prints are more robust and longer-lived than canvas or paper, and I'm hoping that the large size will encourage my offspring to keep them, at least for a while.    This is what I think of as my legacy as a photographer.

The pictures that I took for personal, as opposed to professional, reasons matter to me because they take me back to something I found important or beautiful.   No one else can view them with quite the same emotion.   I tend to think they will have lost much of their purpose, when I am no longer there to invest them with significance.

I regularly purge photos from the cloud, so whoever has to tidy up after me doesn't have too great a task.

What a cheerful topic to start the new year!

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