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Bottom line: Wife and I are going to Africa in November and I need a good camera for wildlife. A little background. I’m no stranger to photography. First camera was a 1964 Nikon F I picked up in high school. ...

Should I buy a body and get lenses, buy a package deal of used from someone selling off their gear, or pick up a lens and wait for the right body to come along? What models should be avoided and what would be desirable?

I still have my Nikkor lenses- has anyone used the Nikon F to M4/3s adapter to shoot with? I do plan on bringing the LC1 for all the small stuff but I will need another for reaching out.

interesting... I went from a Starmite to my dad's Leica iiif, when he gave it to me (after getting his Nikon Photomic) in '62... I eventually also got the F...
back to your Q.
if it's a trip of consequence, meaning you may not be able to do it again - consider feeling unable to capture a lot, of what you wish to.
it's not about having 'everything', it's about have what you can truly use, and know/understand and becomes a working part of you.
It's the way I look to any tool/equipment I use.
2 yrs ago I went to Mt. Everest, a very tough trip, physically. So I decided to keep it simple. (A wildlife trip to Africa would have me expanding Kit, just a bit - an additional longer lens).
I took my Oly EP-5 w/ 14-150mm (was perfect for me) AND an additional 'compact' super zoom - a SONY WX350 - as backup. Glad I brought both !!! Duplicated some images, but also had some done only with one or other camera.
... can't say what your budget and other considerations are, but here's what I would take to an African WIldlife trip (and considering images throughout the entire journey)
Oly Em1-ii (with 'alternate' in descending order, a close 2nd EM-5ii, EM10-ii, EP-5)
Oly 14-150 (for all the times when you're not specifically directly with 'wildlife)
Oly 40-150 f2.8 (and a tele-converter if you can afford, find...) lacking the budget, for sure a Oly 75-300 (very nice lens in good light, a bit more difficult in low light, but doable).
if budget allows, the new Oly100-400 instead of the 40-150,,,
maybe a low light zoom, like the Oly 12-40 f2.8
... would really work to get comfortable with new lenses (and cameras !) before going.
my absolute BASE kit would be:
Oly EM-5ii, 14-150mm, 75-300mm - would be confident I could get my shot.
ALWAYS a 2nd camera, backup.
It would be a SONY HX90v or HX99 superzoom - 24-720mm (currently have and use a HX80)
... if you're wondering 'why' a compact - because sometimes it's ready and the most convenient... I really don;t groove on 'selfies', but very, very occasionally  i'd like it...

snowstorm rolling in, on the Khumbu Glacier at 5,200 M, Nuptse almost 3 km overhead - WX350

The Oly is hanging on a shoulder strap harness, just below... glad I had the WX350...
May your adventure be Awesome! Go Where You Feel Most Alive!

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