Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

cptrios wrote:

smithim wrote:

tonybelding wrote:

None of these are good experiences.

Well, no...

This is not what most of us are used to.

If you buy cameras (some quite obscure) with particular design issues then it's hardly surprising, though, surely?

I still have all of my film cameras - 35mm, 6x4.5 and 6x6 - and they all continue to work perfectly when I check them out. Most are Nikons, but also include Bronica, Rollei etc.

So there are plenty of reliable good quality cameras around on the used market.

When you say "I still have all of my film cameras," do you mean the ones you've had since the film days? Because those would be single-owner units that were used frequently and (I assume) stored well, and not necessarily reflective of what's available on the market. I, for example, have bought ten film cameras in the last four or so months, and only one of them turned out to be completely functional. I've sold or returned most of them, fixed one myself, and had another CLA'd for $200...which I wouldn't have done if the seller hadn't given me an almost complete refund after it didn't work.

Now, of course I'm going for deals and not, for example, buying from Japanese sellers who give extremely detailed condition descriptions, so there are bound to be issues. It's part of the fun, really, as long as I'm not spending a ton of money. Unfortunately, a ton of money is what a lot of the quality, reliable, usable stuff costs. And even the reliable stuff is going to die eventually. If someone made a new GA645, for instance, I'd probably pay $1200 for that (not that it'd be that cheap) rather than $800 for an old one that's got an expiration date.

Over the past few years I’ve bought something like 10 Nikon F75s from eBay.  I’ve had no  issues with any of them apart from the sticky rubber problem which is well known about.  Of course the F75 was introduced something like 2003 and discontinued in 2006 so it’s pretty new.  The cheapest of these was less than £3.  I would suspect they all only had one owner who put a couple of rolls of film through them and then bought a digital camera.

I doubt any new camera will be made at the prices people are prepared to pay - all the new cameras are at the very bottom end, are Instax type or are Leica prices

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