Does Dynamic range matter if you're exporting jpegs anyway?

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Re: Dynamic range is not magic

Bob wrote:

The most important aspect of dynamic range is knowing how to take the photo in the first place. The best way to improve dynamic range is to improve the lighting. If you can't add more light to the shadow areas, the next choice is to attenuate the bright areas by using ND filters. If neither of those options are available, then perhaps it's not a good shot in the first place and the photographer should move on. Nonetheless, after trying those two techniques, the next step would be to selectively adjust the shadows and highlights using software in order to bring in the desired detail.

Using those three techniques (light, filter, and software), very nice dynamic range can be achieved with any reasonable camera.

Dynamic range is more about skill and technique than sensor specs measured in a lab, IMHO.

That's fair.

I was going for a more edgy "couture" look. It looks great on every color of clothing until I get to black. The detail is still there on black clothing in the shadow, I just can't see it on a monitor unless I manipulate/lighten the image. I'm thinking the camera caught the details, so it's probably not a DR problem anyway.

I've already moved the lighting. I have more to experiment there, but it's lost the edgy shadow on the face look. To compensate I'm going to experiment with some black reflectors, or flags. I've done this a lot on glossy product photography, but never on a human.

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