Closeup Birds, Little Birds, Bugs, and BIFs (1/14/21)

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Closeup Birds, Little Birds, Bugs, and BIFs (1/14/21)

Continuing along with the catch-up project and sharing the local Florida wetlands wildlife and birds, the following shots were taken on November 20, 2020, wrapping up a short shooting day.  I just went out for a few hours as it was a bit overcast, and rained off and on a few times...and the longer holiday weekend was coming up soon for Thanksgiving.  All of the following were taken with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and all are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you click through the originals:

A juvenile boat-tailed grackle - there were dozens of them following their parents though the pond apple trees, as they were being taught where to look for food.  They were old enough to fly and almost full grown, but just needed a final lesson of the lay of the land

For just a brown bird (the adult males are a glossy black and females stay brown), the juveniles can be identified by their blackish wings and the little eye stripe which goes away on both adults

A mottled duck flying this way

A red-shouldered hawk flying around in the overcast sky, calling out to annoy all the wetlands birds...if he can't catch one to eat, then he just screams and bothers them all into hiding or flying off

A female red-winged blackbird standing on a pond-apple branch

The relatively big-headed eastern phoebe, a tiny little bird overall - most of that big head is tufted feathers on the forehead making it look bigger than it really is

A double-crested cormorant really close up - you can walk up to them and touch them if you wanted...though they may nip at your hand or spray some poo your way.  Their eyes are such a lovely shade of tropical-sea-blue that you feel like you could dive in for a swim

A surprising sighting way out in the open wetlands...a female painted bunting!  Lovely little green bird, not as colorful as the male counterpart - the wetlands here usually has a lot of buntings around the nature center where they put out feeders, but during the pandemic, the feeders have not been put out

Which meant very few buntings for us this fall - but out in the wetlands, this lone female popped into a pond apple tree just 10 feet from me to say hello

A blue winged teal standing on a plant at the water's edge

A green heron on the fish hunt, walking across the reeds to avoid stepping in the water and revealing itself

A lovely dragonfly perched on a branch

The tiny white peacock butterfly, with its lovely pattern

A great blue heron flying past in the gloomy overcast light, past the trees

I like to catch the great blue herons with wings down and wings up when in flight, so you can see both the body details and the wing details

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as ever.

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