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Heritage Cameras wrote:

Jeff DLB wrote:

E Dinkla wrote:

Of course only usable with a Canon EF mount to a smart adapter

Thank you. I was hoping there might be something more general purpose. I have a couple of old Canon FD lenses (from my AE-1 days) I would like to mount on Sony a6000, as well as a new manual/no-EXIF lens, and it would have been nice to have minimal metadata recorded during shooting.

You can often do this using a combination of a chipped manual-EF adapter and EF-Sony smart adapter. I've used various M42, Contax/Yashica, Nikon AI and Olympus OM lenses on a Sony A7 successfully like this.

Unfortunately Canon FD is one of the fittings that doesn't easily adapt to Canon EF...

True, not easy, though my FD 55mm1.2 SSC has an Ed Mika EF conversion mount with chip and the FD 135mm 2.5 a DIY EF mount with chip. Ernostar like optics in the last one so I thought worth it. Bought it almost 50 years ago for the FTb QL and used it on the AE-1 later on.

More general purpose chips, it would be nice when Sony FE mount chips become available. Meanwhile thinking of the second option I mentioned here:


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