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Thank you very much for the kind words regarding my review, Adam, and for letting me know you bought an FZ300 pretty much on the back of my recommendation of the camera. Moreover, huge congratulations on purchasing what is arguably the best value pinhead sensor Bridge model ever made by any manufacturer. And, of course, welcome to DPR and its forums.

It also looks like you’ve obtained a real bargain in that Olympus TC. I’ve seen some excellent results where the B300’s been attached to previous FZ’s but know of no-one having tried it with the FZ300.

I did flirt briefly with a combination of my Raynox 2.2X TC and FZ330 during initial trials but achieved very hit and miss results that I suspected were down to ‘potentially unsuitable’ DFD autofocus tech. Truth is, I’ve never struggled with the Raynox on pre-DFD models like the FZ28, 38, 150 and 200; it’s only the FZ330 that appears not to function at all reliably with this particular TC. (Interestingly, I recently read somewhere that Panasonic has now discontinued manufacture and supply of its own 1.7 X TC, which if true [?] may or may not indicate that DFD tech is troublesome even with extra magnification officially designed for the job. Who knows?)

Mind you, as 90% of my wildlife photography readily falls within the inherent 600mm optical range of the camera, I’ve much less use for extra magnification at all these days. I simply get as close to my subjects as possible with the FZ and no longer worry too much that I’ve left the bazooka attachment at home.

On the rare occasions I may require extra reach, I call on the 1200mm range of the Fuji S1, which I bought a few years ago so I could retire the FZ plus TC combos that were always much more awkward to use than the all-in-one option. The worst thing about using TC’s is having to remove them hurriedly to frame any subject that is too close – and it’s surprising how often such scenarios arise, similarly to our having too long a lens attached to a DSLR (ILC).

Anyway, assuming you give the B300 a fair trial on your FZ300, please do feel free to let the forum know how you get on.

Overall, in the FZ300, you’ve just bought yourself one little gem of a camera that I don’t doubt will bring you many hours of enjoyment and some excellent results over many a year to come. Enjoy it to the max!

Thank you again for the kind post.

All the best, good luck and happy shooting to ya…

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