What does mean (IP) in my printer name, how to set up with Mac?

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Philip Eihuyar
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pixelplayer wrote:

Hello Howard,

I got this issue fixed and I leave this comment for whoever would find this post looking for some advices on the same kind of problem.

The colors problem I had was actually coming from a nozzle being clogged. Nothing to do with drivers or whatever. I performed several head cleaning cycles and now it prints correctly again.

Thank you


Hi Greg. I was following this thread and its good to have resolved this issue. It is easy to assume a more complicated cause than the the obvious and therefore not do the step by step troubleshooting of an issue, such as a nozzle check. Regarding clogged nozzles, printout something every few days so ink does not congeal or dry out. Another cause of clogs is microscopic air pockets in the nozzles. Again, printing regularly will help prevent that.

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