I have discovered the secret of having your work in a gallery .....

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Re: I have discovered the secret of having your work in a gallery .....

Phil A Martin wrote:

Moti wrote:

Mr Giggles wrote:

I have made a discovery.

If you want to have your work seen in gallery there is a formula you can follow

here are the steps

1) get yourself an expensive medium format camera like a Phaseone or Hasselblad

2) travel to the Grand Tetons, Alaska and the south pacific

3) wait as many days as required to take particularly colorful images at sunset on a rocky beach with palm trees

4) hire a guide to take you to areas with feeding Moose or Elk

5) take images of the feeding images of Elk during golden light

6) return home to edit images

7) weed out the most colorful images

8) edit these images and dramatically increase the saturation levels

9) print these images to poster size and with an extremely glossy finish

10) hang these images in an upscale neighborhood near an espresso shop

My wife and I exhibit about 4-5 times a year in important galleries in Franc, the Middle East and the UK. We use exclusively m4/3 because we like the format and wait for the day when people will ask what cameras we use. Until today, we are quiet successful, people buy our photos because they like them but no one cares what cameras we use.


Which galleries in the UK?

Several collective exhibitions with the Royal Photography Society in Bath.


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