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Re: I was bitten by the Oly bug

I'm not sure, like others, that your budget will stretch to the safari outfit you would like to have in m4/3 terms. The suggestion of a FZ1000 is a good one if you are solely looking to take photographs for your own use - social media, small prints in an album and so on. If this is your use scenario then there may be some room for further suggestions. But if you are thinking of putting 30x40 prints on your wall then your budget will not quite be enough. None of the glass that will help you in this respect will be within your budget - the O300, the P200, the P50-200, the O40-150 and all their associated TC's.

But if you are simply going to photograph biggish animals and groups at a distance, then a visit to eBay or other second-hand outlets will work, too. A 100-300mm lens (200-600mm in FF terms) is well within your reach, of either the Olympus or Panasonic flavour. You should be able to find one at about the £300-350 mark. You could then couple this with either a Panasonic GX80 or an Olympus EM10ii for another £250 or so. This will serve you well as a long lens outfit, with decent stabilisation for that lens. You can put a Panasonic lens on an Olympus body quite happily if needs be, by the way (an Olympus lens on the Panasonic body will perhaps not be quite so effective for stabilisation). You could also try MPB or WexPhoto for second-hand gear, too. Their bodies and lenses come with a warranty in most cases.

For your shorter focal lengths, you have two choices that will not break the bank. The first choice is to use your phone, if it is a recent one with good photographic ability. The second is to buy a P12-32 for about £80 or so. If your phone is capable, then it is well worth while buying a battery pack to charge it during the day when you are away from electricity. If you are taking lots of photos on the phone then you will also need to determine how and where you will put your photos at the end of the day. Your phone may well fill up quite quickly otherwise

If your budget can be stretched, then the addition of the Olympus 17mm 1.8 would be a fine move. Theoretically, the 17mm could just be your second lens and you could forgo the P12-32. This lens will pay for itself during lowlight hours, especially for scenic images.

Should you buy a battery pack (and I can highly recommend the Anker series), then for £30 or so you will be able to find a USB charger plus a couple of batteries for the camera body you choose. This could also be of some value during the day.

One last suggestion - take an old sock and a zip-tie with you. When you get to the camp, ask the cooks there for some rice to fill your sock with, to make a 'bean bag'. Close it with the zip-tie, obviously. Great for the sides of vehicles, table-tops, rocks, branches, posts and so on, and it will improve your long shots immensely, especially in low light. You can give the rice back when you leave and find a one-legged ostrich to give the sock to.

Have fun whatever you choose to do. None of us are jealous, honestly.....

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