Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

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Re: Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapter

There is another comparison video on YouTube (in Cantonese again):

This time there is quite a big difference between the Megadap and Techart. In the indoor test the Megadap seems to hesitate a lot before locking focus in addition to having slower motors as well. Not sure if it is relate to his setting or this particular unit, but his Megadap seems to be slower than other videos I have seen.

So now the two choices have their own compromises: either you live with slower AF and non-flush adapter with the Megadap, or you deal with Techart's questionable build quality and service. At least the author of Megadap seems quite responsive and passionate about this project, so I hope he will eventually release a Mark 2 version that fixes these issues.

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