Need some M4/3 advice

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Re: Need some M4/3 advice

Oldguysrule wrote:

Lens choice in M4/3 looks like the longest I’d bring would be probably the 100-300 Panasonic unless I can convince the Mrs that the 100-400 would be better. Would like to have at least one fast lens with me. Has anyone rented lenses from the commercial outfits that do so? In the used market my budget is probably $500-600- I know that’s limiting, but most of the travel money is going to the actual trip.

Should I buy a body and get lenses, buy a package deal of used from someone selling off their gear, or pick up a lens and wait for the right body to come along? What models should be avoided and what would be desirable?

I still have my Nikkor lenses- has anyone used the Nikon F to M4/3s adapter to shoot with? I do plan on bringing the LC1 for all the small stuff but I will need another for reaching out.

Way too many choices nowadays. I have time to narrow down my choices- just need some solid advice. Thanks in advance.

If you are on a $500-600 budget, and want a set of basic MFT lenses to start with, the GX85 and G7 two lens kits are frequently available for $500 (although right now the prices went up to $600 and they are back ordered).

GX85 is range finder style (like your LC1) and has a tilt screen and IBIS.

G7 is more of a SLR style and has a FAS but no IBIS.

You can probably find these models for cheaper used also as a result, probably around $300 for the body (then you can spend around $300 for the 100-300mm). A G85 (kind of like a weathersealed G7 with IBIS) will cost about $400 used instead.

Both the GX85 and G85 support support Dual IS with the newer version 100-300mm II (which would be more like $400 used) for additional stability.

I'll let others chime in on the Olympus options as I'm less familiar with those.

As for using the Nikon lenses, there are people that have done that, but then you would have to manually adjust aperture and focus, which may not be worth the bother on a trip. Only recently did a $190 Viltrox Nikon NF-M1 autofocus adapter came out, but anyone using that would be somewhat of a guinea pig (the EF adapters are far more established in general for all formats).

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