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Re: Need some M4/3 advice

I am also a Nikon shooter for my earliest 35+ years film shooting starting with EM and FE2 etc manual models... Had a few ais Nikkor lenses which gather dust after AF was invented...

To keep up with technology, moved onto digital camera 17 years ago. My age asked me to ditch the heavy dslrs, no more Nikon dslrs. Panny LC5 had lured me entering the Panny camp. Got G1 11 years ago while this first mirrorless ILC been rolled out...

By a US$10 no brand name dummy adapter, all Nikkor ais MF lenses come to lifes again. Focus point magnification makes MF easy and fun. Very happy with the 28 f/2.8 and 50 f/1.8 to fill up the only 2 native M43 lenses (14~45 f/3.5-5.6 and 45-200 f/4-5.6) at that time. The focus peaking on later models just make MF easier.

I will never look back on the older models (I mean >5/6 years old). Mirrorless is basicaslly a computer. The sensor technology, the processing power (determine the AF capability and speed and feature as well), the real time response (= Live View, backbone of mirrorless operation), to viewfinder quality, software (jpg engine, in-camera feature) etc...

Therefore IMHO forget the 43 format. It is a long discontinued system.

Since I am growing up on the Panny system, over the years I tried (but gave up) to look at Olympus alternative ( specially the period of panny having no IBIS) but the deep learning curve on Oly Menu and difference on operation logic making me stay with Panny. YMMV.

On budget-wise, for smaller size camera I shall look at GX85 (US$500 twin lens set most of the time in 2020), usually with 12-32 and 45-150 as kit lenses. If for a ergonomically better model, the G85, which is also under deep discount recently. In gray market it could be below US$500 (body only) new.

Although they are not current models, their improved m-shutter, IBIS & DUAL IS, DFD, 4K video and photos etc are not much weaker than their successors. IMHO the best cost/performance of Panny.

If you can be more flexible on the budget, the current 20Mp generation model: GX9 (smaller) and G95 (larger size) could be the best. G9 is the flagship class for still shooting at the present moment and Gh5 is the flagship of hybrid shooting.

You might also wish to know that the Panny low cost consumer grade lenses (those f/3.5~XX) are having IQ close to the expensive premium class lenses (e.g. Leica lenses of Panny is eq to pro class lens of Olympus). So, you are not necessary entering a high cost system.

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