Primes vs zooms for travel photography

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Re: Primes vs zooms for travel photography

Nickemmano wrote:

Hello everyone and a happy new year!

I know actual travel is a little hard during quarantine but in my country we can have one day trips to nearby destinations. However i find myself in a dilemma. Are zooms superior to primes for travel (landscapes, some wildlife) or are primes enough for my use case. Consider that when things become normal afain i will use my kit for vacation in places like italy, cuba, germany, japan. Will primes be enough or zooms will be more useful

Zooms. It's just purely a question of suitcase space.

16-35 + 24-105 is a walkaround daytime lens + a walkaround night-time lens.

With that said, my philosophy is that you should only BUY things you might sometimes PACK and a subset of that get CARRYed every time you leave the hotel.

So a daytime landscape walkaround lens is the 24-105, a very nice street kit is the 16-35 + 85/1.4, and the astro/2nd evening lens might be the 24/1.4.

Then a 35/85 pairing is very nice for woodland, so let's add a 35, and now we have a 2-zoom, 3-prime kit where you carry at most 2 lenses at any given time.

Depending on the trip, you might even just pack one lens on the body and leave it there the entire time.

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