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Re: Need some M4/3 advice

Oldguysrule wrote:

The other day I posted in the Camera, Len and System Buying forum some questions- I’m not going to rehash the whole letter (Are the older 4/3s cameras worth picking up) but one of the respondents said it might be a good idea to post here as well.

Bottom line: Wife and I are going to Africa in November and I need a good camera for wildlife. A little background. I’m no stranger to photography. First camera was a 1964 Nikon F I picked up in high school. No Photomic top, just the pentaprism. Manual everything. Learned everything from that camera. My current digital camera is a Panasonic Leica LC1. Great piece of glass, old school camera body- have taken nice photos over the years.

Was looking at the older 4/3 bodies (Panny L1, Oly E-1/3/5) and was told not to bother- the differences of 10-15 years of tech advances has pretty much relegated them to the display shelf. Got it.

I tend to buy used equipment and I really don’t do a lot of post exposure modification/editing. I do spend time composing- a holdover from my Nikon days.

I’m now looking at the M4/3 (Olympus, Panasonic) systems. it seems there are plenty of lenses and camera bodies around, but I need some direction. Are the Oly Pens a good option or should I look for an OM-D M5 (or M10)? The M1 was recommended, but right now out of my budget range. I don’t need to be overwhelmed with features and the news and best, but I like good, solid reliable equipment- I grew up on Nikkor and Nikon. Lens choice in M4/3 looks like the longest I’d bring would be probably the 100-300 Panasonic unless I can convince the Mrs that the 100-400 would be better. Would like to have at least one fast lens with me. Has anyone rented lenses from the commercial outfits that do so? In the used market my budget is probably $500-600- I know that’s limiting, but most of the travel money is going to the actual trip.

With a $500-600 budget and the desire for long reach, I'm inclined to suggest that you look at a used bridge camera with a 1" sensor.  Something like an FZ2500, FZ1000, or a Sony RX10 of some kind.

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