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Re: Z6 II Eye and face focusing--Sux

HRS wrote:

I'm a decades-long Nikon shooter, with a natural affection for their products. That said, I paid approximately $1,000 to upgrade from the Z6 to the Z6 II, and, given the high expectations from the hype surrounding the supposed eye and face focusing improvements, I am highly disappointed. (The problems below occur with the kit 24-70 F4 zoom lens.)


  • I have shots of a grandchild in which I saw the yellow eye box land on one eye at the instant I took the shot. But, on playback, the camera selected the other eye to focus on. (This was not a the case of the subject moving rapidly.) This is with the Auto-area AF (people)/AF-C settings and default focusing parameters.
  • In general, in many, if not most, of the shots with an eye supposedly in-focus, the camera has selected a completely different place to focus on, like the nose. Yes, some shots are in perfect eye-focus, but I cannot count on that happening. God forbid you use this camera for photographing a wedding, with no chance for a do-over.


  • Using Auto-area AF/AF-C, after hitting the OK button to get the white selection box, and then selecting a subject, the yellow box will appear to follow the subject (just don't go too fast!) around, but in Playback the camera-selected focus point (the small red box) lags *way* behind the subject. The inability of the now-dual processors to keep pace is really laughable!

Again, I have been a huge Nikon fan for a long time, and have a lot invested in the system that I don't want to sell. But the downward trajectory of Nikon, vis-a-vis Canon especially, would lead me to a different manufacturer if I had it to do over.

Finally, I do not think the camera is a bad copy because single-point AF with AF-S is perfect. Maybe future firmware changes will improve things as they did for the Z6, but the Z6 II is a huge disappointment focusing-wise as things stand today.

I don't want to put pictures of the grandchildren on the internet, so I don't include samples. They would just show a lot of out-of-focus eyes in any event, and I don't have a viewfinder recorder to show how misleading the display can be.

Hmmm, completely the opposite experience to what I have had and with pretty much every review out there...

Many may not like the implementation, but even Jared Polins review showed that the Nikon had a very high keeper rate.

Regardless, without images, it is impossible to see what you are claiming.

If I was a betting man I would bet that half of the images you are complaining about are motion blur and not an issue with eye focus, but without images, we will never know.

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